Baldham Farm

Our Farm

Nestled on 38 pristine acres in Skagit County, Washington, Baldham Farm is a first generation family farm dedicated to raising our farm animals in a tranquil setting with fresh air and organic feeds.  

Call Miriam - 360-722-4372 . We are open 7 days a week .

Modern day heritage pigs can trace their linage back to the original hogs brought to the Americas.  The Mulefoot hog is the rarest of rare hogs, originally brought over by the Spanish, and now preserved by Baldham Farm.

Baldham farm, not only raises heritage pigs, we also raise Dexter cattle and Barred Rock chickens.  Our cows pasture on our fields and are fed hay from the same fields through the winter. Our free range chickens forage and eat certified organic chicken feed.

Heritage Pigs

Farm Stand