Baldham Farm

It was a good friend from the Sedro Woolley's farmers market that first talked to me about this great sausage, Uli's Famous Sausage from Seattle's Pike Place Market. As I heard him talk about this excellent sausage, I decided I had to try to get in touch with this German Master Butcher Uli, and convince him to make sausage with my Certified Organic Pork!

It only took one email and Uli's staff called me to get this order going.

Baldham Farm has now, four of the most popular sausages made with our organic pork, available for you:

German Bratwurst: Uli’s own recipe of spice from his village in Holzhausen - Siegerland.
This style of sausage is mild, flavorful, and highly versatile in its preparations.
Cajun Brand Andouille: A spicy blend of chilis, garlic, thyme, and other Cajun spices make this the best selling Hot style link. Uli’s recipe for Cajun Andouille has gained national press, featured by Emeril Lagasse and voted by GQ magazine as the best ‘Poor’ boy sandwich in America.
Polish Kielbasa: One of the finest Garlic sausages around!
Mild Italian: Sweet fennel, aromatic green herbs, and a hint of spice compliment the quality ingredients that are used in creating this traditional style. An extremely versatile sausage, which can be served on its own, or in your favorite recipe.The sausage comes frozen in one pound packs with 4 links. Price per pack is $12.00.

If you want to learn more about Uli's Famous Sausage you can do so here: